Junpu” is a transliteration of the Sanskrit term “śuddha-vimala”, meaning “pure and immaculate”. Junpu is a manifestation of Kannon (Avalokiteshvara), the bodhisattva of compassion, who guides people on the path to enlightenment. She is also known as Junpu Fumon, Shichiku Fumon, or the Mother of Seven Quintillion Buddhas. The term “shichiku” refers to the infinite number of Buddhas that she is considered to be the mother of. Some argue that she is not a manifestation of Kannon because she is not referred to as such in Buddhist scriptures. In Shingon Buddhism, she is considered a buddha named Jun’gon Rurikai, while in Esoteric Buddhism, she is included as one of the Six Kannon manifestations

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