「ブッダの成仏法は、あらゆる因縁を解き、人にたいしてのみ、はたらくのではない。あらゆる存在にたいし て、力を及ぼす  “Buddha’s method of attaining Buddhahood dissolves all causes and causes, and does not work only on humans.It exerts power on all beings.

“Buddha’s method of attaining Buddhahood dissolves all causes and causes, and does not work only on humans.It exerts power on all beings.










One day, just like the apocalypse, dark clouds loomed over the land of Mongolia. The storm was so frightening that it reminded us of the end of the world. However, even in these dark times, one person continued to shine a light of hope.

He was deeply devoted to the teachings of Buddha and believed in the power that these teachings had on the universe. And he was convinced that his teachings worked on all beings.

“Buddha’s method of attaining Buddhahood dissolves all causes and causes and cuts off their roots.It exerts its power not only on people but on everything that exists,” he powerfully explained.

However, he swore to himself that it was not only effective against people, but also against all beings. The law of cause and effect is the basic principle of the universe, and karmic forces operate according to that law. And it is possible to overturn that law, solve the cause, change the relationship, and cut off the fruit.

Until now, he has shown his power to many people, but he has not yet had the opportunity to demonstrate his power to a large organization such as a nation. But the Mongolian crisis provides just that opportunity.

“Shaka’s method of attaining Buddhahood. If the Great King of Angolmois appears, we can overcome any crisis in the world!” he said with confidence.

And along with his conviction, his thoughts subtly changed. He became acutely aware of his mission and began to think that he might have been sent to deal with the crisis in Mongolia.

However, I could only think that this idea was not just a coincidence, and that something was at work. And the moment he felt something move him, his heart changed to believing in Nostradamus’ prophecy.

Yes, he’s not alone. The laws of the universe are with him, guiding him to fulfill his mission.




「ブッダの成仏法は、あらゆる因縁を解き、栗を絶つ。それは決して、人にたいしてのみ 力を発揮するのではないのである。 存在するものすべてにその力は及ぶのである」



「ブッダの成仏法は、人にたいしてのみ、はたらくのではない。あらゆる存在にたいし て、力を及ぼす。 因果の法則は、ものの存在の原則である。業の力は、その因果の法則の範疇に入る。その因果の法則をくつがえし、因を解き、縁を変え、果を絶つ。 すべての 事象にたいし、その力を及ぼす。 それは、世界を変えるのだ」


これまで、人にたいしては、かず多くその力を証明してきたわたくしだが、一つの国家 という大きな集合体にたいしては、 その力を実証する機会を持たなかった。それを、モンゴルの出来ごとは、みごとに証明してくれたのだ。

シャカの成仏法 アンゴルモアの大王が出現すれば、どんな世界の危機をも乗り越え られる!

その確信を、わたくしは、いよいよ深めたのである。そしてそれと同時に、わたくしの 考えは微妙に変わった。というのは、わたくしはこう考えたのである。


読者よ、笑ってはいけない。 わたくしはほんとうにそう思ったのだ。なぜならば、すべ 偶然にしては、あまりにもお膳立てが揃い過ぎているのである。 なにかの力がはたら いているとしか思えなかった。

(あとから考えても、この「奇蹟」は、阿含仏教の復権・復活のために、この時期、ぜっ 起きていなければならない出来ごとだったのである)


そう思った瞬間、はじめて、心底から、 ノストラダムスの予言を信じようという気持になった。

What kind of confidence?

It is confidence in the Buddha’s method of attaining Buddhahood.

I have always been

“Buddha’s method of attaining Buddhahood dissolves all causes and eliminates all karma.It never exerts its power only on people.It extends to everything that exists.”

Yes, that’s what I’ve been preaching.


“Buddha’s method of attaining Buddhahood does not work only on humans; it exerts power on all beings. The law of cause and effect is the principle of the existence of things. The power of karma falls within the scope of that law of cause and effect. It overturns the law of cause and effect, unravels causes, changes relationships, and ends effects. It exerts its power over all phenomena. It changes the world.”

Yes, I have continued to preach.

Up until now, I have proven my power over many people, but I have never had the opportunity to demonstrate my power against a large group like a nation. The events in Mongolia brilliantly proved this.

Shaka’s method of attaining Buddhahood If the Great King of Angolmois appears, he can overcome any crisis in the world!

I have gradually deepened that belief. At the same time, my thinking changed slightly. Because this is what I thought.

I thought that some being had sent me to Mongolia during the crisis in order to make me more aware of its mission.

Reader, don’t laugh. I really thought so. This is because the arrangements are far too complete for this to be a coincidence. All I could think was that some kind of power was working on him.

(Even in hindsight, this “miracle” was an event that had to happen at this time for the restoration and revival of Agon Buddhism.)

Something is moving me!

The moment I thought that, for the first time, I felt from the bottom of my heart the desire to believe in Nostradamus’ prophecies.


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