因縁を超えて、自由な未来への仏教の道 The Buddhist path to a free future beyond fate


People are born with different conditions in terms of environment (country, era, family, etc.), gender, appearance, constitution, personality, etc.
The conditions in life that a person is born with are called “fate,” and this includes conditions that determine one’s fate over the course of one’s life (e.g., developing cancer, getting a divorce, dying from a sudden death).
The Buddha’s Dharma gives practitioners the ultimate power (the power to attain Buddhahood) to sever “karma,” set people free, and create their best destiny. The final state is to “achieve complete liberation from one’s karma = to become a Buddha.”
Buddha himself became a Buddha through ascetic practices, and after that he went on to spread the teachings and methods of becoming a Buddha (the Dharma of Buddhahood) to others.
Faith in Buddhism is based on three major elements: “Buddha”, “Dharma”, and “Sangha”.
“Buddha” is an object of faith, and the “Genuine Buddha Sharison”, which is the holy bone of Shakyamuni Buddha, is the highest principal image for Buddhists.
“Dharma” is “the method of attaining Buddhahood,” and it is a method for anyone, living or dead, to cut off their karma, liberate themselves from their karma, and become a Buddha. The “Seven Departments and Thirty-Seven Ways” taught in the Agon Sutra is the method for attaining Buddhahood.
A “monk” is a Sangha whose main object is the True Buddha’s Shari, and a religious organization that practices the method of attaining Buddhahood as taught directly by Shakyamuni Buddha.












All human beings are born under different conditions in terms of environment (country, era, family, etc.), sex, appearance, constitution, personality, etc.
In addition to these conditions, there are also conditions that determine fate in the course of life.
For example, it always causes cancer, divorces, sideways death.

The innate condition of life is called “fate”.

The Buddha’s law cuts off these “causes” and frees humans, and at the same time brings the ultimate power (seibutsu power) to create the ultimate fate for practitioners. The ultimate state is to “become Buddha to achieve complete fate resolution”.

The Buddha first went to Buddha by training himself, and then walked the life until he was destroyed at the age of 80, preaching to people the teachings and methods (Buddha Law) of becoming Buddha.

Faith in Buddhism is
Established by the Buddhist monk’s “three treasures”

Faith in Buddhism consists of three major elements: “Buddha,” “law,” and “monk.” The Buddhist denomination must have all three elements correct and at the same time.

One, Buddha
The Buddha, which is the absolute object of religion in that denomination, is called “honson”. The main priest of the Agō sect is the Shinshinsari, which has long been deeply revered among Buddhists as a sacred object in which the Holy Spirit of Buddha lives.
This is called “Shinsei Bussharison” by the Agō sect.
For Buddhists, the authentic sacred Buddha, which is the sacred bone of Gautama Buddha, is the “living Buddha” and is the only Buddhist highest deity.
It is not an imaginary or conceptual Buddha, not a wooden or iconic Buddha, but the sacred bone of the Buddha, which was the real Buddha, and the highest Buddhist deity.

Two, the law

“Seiji Buddhism”
It is a method of cutting off karma (work) regardless of whether it is a living person or a dead person, and releasing the causal relationship (seibu) to become Buddha (a person who has awakened to the truth).
The Buddha’s law is the “Nanashina Thirty-seven Doshin,” which Buddha is taught in the Akane Sutra.

Three, monk

It is a sangha (monk), or cult, whose main Buddhist image is the Buddhist priest.
“The Buddhist Law of the Buddha, which cuts off all karma


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