Bonji 梵字  准肌観音 Junhada Kannon


なう まく さ た なん さん みゃく さん ぼ だ く ち なん
た にや た おん しゃ れい しゅ れい じゅん でい そわ か


Kannon Mantra
Nau Maku Sato Nan Myaku San Bodaku Chi Nan
Taniyata Onsharei Junde Sowaka

Junfuku means “purity and innocence” in the transcription of the Sanskrit name Chiyundei Ueno, and is a Kannon who walks the path of enlightenment.
It is also known as Junfuku Butsumo and Shichikufuku Butsumo.
Shichigofuku means “infinite”, so she is the mother of many Buddhas. Therefore, there is also a theory that it is not Kannon Bodhisattva. It is also described as Kannon in the sutra.
Inudai Esoteric Buddhism regards it as Junko Nyorai, but in Shingon Esoteric Buddhism it is added to the Six Kannons as one of the Kannons.
It is also enshrined as the principal object of worship for child-seeking and safe childbirth. Originally a goddess of water, her appearance is said to be that of a woman.
In addition, the seed of Kannon in the Taizo Mandala Nakadai Hachiyoin has the v (kai) character of this Junfuku Kannon.

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