buddha ブッダのことば Buddha’s words 武器を執ること take up arms

武器を執ること take up arms









take up arms

A saint must be honest. Let him not be arrogant, not deceitful, not slanderous, not angry, but transcend wicked greed and jealousy.

Those who seek peace, overcome sleep, laziness, and depressed minds. Let him not dwell in idleness. he is not arrogant

Don’t let him be lured into lying. Don’t make a favorite book in a beautiful form. Also, try to get rid of your complacency. Behave without being violent.

Do not rejoice in the old. Nor should you be seduced by new things. Do not grieve over what is perishing. Don’t be caught by the towing person (delusion).

A man who has surpassed the desires of the world, and surpassed the insurmountable attachments, is not swept away, not bound, not sorrowed, not longed for.

Dry up what was in the past (worldly desires). May the future have you nothing. If you hold nothing in between, you will behave as a “peaceful man.”

A man who has no sense of ‘own’ in terms of names and forms, and a man who is not saddened by the lack of (something)–He truly does not grow old in the world.

A man who has no thoughts such as “This is mine” or “This is someone else’s”–he has no (such) ‘idea of ​​mine’, so “I There is no need to mourn.

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