buddha ブッダのことば Buddha’s words こよなき幸せ unparalleled happiness

Buddha’s words












Buddha’s words

I have heard that—once upon a time the Blessed One (Buddha) was in the Jeta Forest, in the city of Savatti, in the Garden of the Elder Who Feeds the Lonely. At that time, after midnight, a beautiful god illuminated the jeta forest and approached the teacher. Then he bowed to his teacher and stood by his side. Then the god addressed his master with a poem.

“Many gods and humans desire happiness and think of happiness. Please preach the highest happiness.”

Not to be familiar with fools, but with wise men, and with honorable people–this is the greatest happiness.

Being deeply learned, acquiring skills, learning to be self-disciplined, and being fluent in language—this is the ultimate happiness.

Being able to serve your parents, loving and caring for your wife and children, being orderly and not chaotic at work—this is the ultimate happiness.

Giving, lawful conduct, loving and caring for one’s relatives, and not being blamed—this is the ultimate happiness.

Respect, humility, contentment, gratitude, and hearing instruction at the right time—this is the ultimate happiness.

To persevere, to be kind in words, to meet people of the way, to hear about the law at the right time—this is the ultimate happiness.

Discipline, pure deeds, seeing the divine truth, attaining peace (nirvana)—this is the ultimate happiness.

Even when one comes into contact with worldly things, one’s mind is not disturbed, one is not worried, one is free from dirt, one is at peace—this is the ultimate happiness.

If you do these things, you will not be defeated in anything. Reach happiness in all things. ──This is the ultimate happiness

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